All of our furniture is made from the finest North American hardwoods. Unless otherwise noted, we finish each piece with a proprietary mix of oil and wax until the optimum amount of protection and sheen is achieved.

Walnut 11a5d7c13546eba299a9a584e0dc1e9cc5923c267811eb91cc04ec5b1b233cc2

Natural Walnut

Oxidizedwalnut 0f5a50acca550b9fe2447d3953833c4e6ea1a60ac3efdc337e7c24f41600ad1b

Oxidized Walnut

Whiteoak 12eff5f5fa3f6b484583b0e44d42acafdd38f8f0844936a591f6133fc727611e

Natural White Oak

Oxidizedoak d7ec7bcc6d886ba4a943f1e3599fefb7f6ae357ae4f65053cf9dc283638c05cc

Oxidized White Oak

Bleachedash 07dc3687ff293230bc25b5e2c9b03d47207186f4019c98a6aa717da0db0c4a67

Bleached Ash

Cherry 42538c60897334cd7ec12758f27ead2044ba11808abda90b8c332abc043d5ecf



All of our hides are vegetable tanned by specialty regional tanneries and finished in-house with a natural mix of oils and wax. Each hide is unique so please expect a minimal amount of natural characteristics (stretch marks, scarring, etc.) to be visible in each piece.

Black ea4b30470a8996a83ab44a3511ba2c1d97631f47d2bf0e41b3cd57ce57627637


Brown 384b484822ea097483c6e14dfec0dd2e1204eecb455fd53b210d0173343ad264


Burgundy 3dbe5cbf1394ef67dbb7e1a8acff8b16947eefd3bf55b2c60301e776c645000b


Cognac 17c90d508a26688e772a7e197e329640f12e76dc83443783f51f933aeda37954


Nude 8ed27aedfec9bc9fa54443a684042865969d77fa9d32aa56e512e63fe4d9c9be



We collaborate with industry leading machinists and fabricators to produce our custom hardware and metal components. All of our components are lacquered to prevent rust and discoloration unless otherwise noted or specified by the client.

Brass web af843a711e0f2de8f7ef01592da82037f3aa0fc8d3b5659d0c0565fcacc27586

Brushed Brass

Antiquebrass web 826376e85aa9a39c0a88cdc5edc9613a02339d55f8b633cabeac84f600dbb531

Antique Brass

Blackenedbrass web 54b862aa184fd97039b41e8e79fe74164921cc97307ae1c2ee5618738a96eff2

Blackened Brass


Utilizing 16ct pale yellow gold and 12ct white gold, we’ve developed our signature gilded designs, which have a protective varnish top coat so as to not deteriorate and discolor over time. There is no customizing gold leaf options.

16ctpalegold 31fc1d7b9e362b610c9a27bcba2926d438d75fa4cbadaef968e20673828304bb

16ct Pale Gold

12ctwhitegold 1e815b17249031e87366e59dcd2f8fe8a4c80a83db272328759220a192b5f170

12ct White Gold


We source most of our stone internationally. Although each slab is hand selected, no two slabs are the same. Each piece will have its own unique grain and beauty. Our travertine is filled, honed and sealed.

Travertine ff7f8487ebaa043ccaabe8f69fe008e6149942ec8bc2bcfd2dfb2f875bff4237



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